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Quinoa peeks out into the fields and a new weed control project with Danish quinoa farmers has begun

Spring 2021 has in large parts of Europe been quite cold and rainy in April, and first now we late May we see increasing temperatures and some sun. Therefore sowing and emergence have been late this year.

Quinoa sprouts
Quinoa sprouts

On the picture to the left we see emerging chickpea and on the picture to the right we see emerging quinoa. Chickpea requires higher temperatures than quinoa, but in any case, we see the plants in the field. Both pictures are from northern Europe in Denmark, where the temperature is critical.

Quinoa Quality weed control project

The project Quisacu (Quinoa Safe Cultivation) has included the best expertise in Denmark to look into the challenges of weed control and diseases in quinoa, a newly emerging crop in the country. The project is coordinated by Aarhus University, and both QQ and the group of Danish quinoa farmers participate. We work with mechanical cleaning and steaming of the crop, and study the interaction with the main disease downy mildew (Peronospora variabilis) and other diseases recently discovered in quinoa.

You'll find our full catalog here: Quinoa seeds.

Quinoa plants seem to develop nicely now.

Quinoa Vikinga sprout
Quinoa Vikinga sprout

Vikinga just emerged

Quinoa Titicaca sprout
Quinoa Titicaca sprout

Titicaca just emerged


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