Quinoa recipes

Quinoa has many uses, either as simple products like grains, flour and flakes, but also delicious foods like salads, granola, burgers, torrejas, cakes, porridge to go, and other things. Focus is always taste, functionality and nutrition  

Recipe (QQ's special):

Elsebeth’s quinoa "meat balls" (for 6 people)


1 L cooked quinoa (500gr uncooked quinoa)

4 eggs

2 dl wheat flour

1 onion chopped and seared in oil

6 dl grated raw beets

2 dl parmesan or other grated cheese

Chopped parsley

Salt and pepper



Mix it all. Put oil on the frying pan and heat up. Put the stuffing on the frying pan in small flat portions. Heat them so they are tender inside and golden and a little crispy outside.


Serve with salad, tzatziki, fried eggs or stewed spinach

There are many ways to cook quinoa.


It is healthy and super delicious, here is some inspiration for you. Go cook!


Get inspired by Jamie Olivers Superfood Salad

Who ever said salad was boring? Jamie’s created an exciting superfood salad for esteemed Youtuber Jim Chapman, and maxed it out with nutritious, healthy and incredible tasting ingredients. Roasted sweet potatoes, handfuls of plump quinoa, delicious nuggets of feta

cheese, avocado and fresh chilli - the list goes on! And all this yummy goodness is brought together with a punchy pomegranate, lime and balsamic dressing. This ladies and gentlemen is a salad that tastes like a million dollars. Enjoy.

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