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Quinoa Quality takes the farmers another step towards the consumer market

Quinoa Quality conference
Quinoa Quality conference

Quinoa Quality participated with their own very well visited stand at the CORO workshop. This picture shows the mayor of Roskilde in a good dialogue with Sven-Erik about the food of the future.

A green future!

We all have a role to play in the development of more sustainable food systems, whether it is about health and nutrition, environment, biodiversity, or climate.

Thursday 20 May the food industry participated in the workshop “How can we ensure sustainable food systems?” arranged by CORO in Roskilde. It was the first physical event for a long time, and it was great. The event was also live-streamed.

On the workshop we were introduced to a number of brand new solutions. It was possible to go into dialogue with the innovators behind different projects, to get inspiration to act differently and possibly help the projects further getting into the market.

The great taste of quinoa and other super crops

Quinoa Quality participates in the project Danish Protein with their own very well visit stand. The top picture shows the mayor Tomas Breddam of Roskilde in a good dialogue with Sven-Erik about the food of the future. Crops included in the project are lentil, chickpea, bean, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and pea.

Daniel from ChefFugl & Event had made a tasting with Danish quinoa seeds which was served at the Quinoa Quality stand. The visitors to the workshop had the opportunity to taste Daniel's quinoa salad and ask questions to Sven-Erik about the future, including new super crops. Other stands had also tastings of quinoa falafels, quinoa desserts, pea+quinoa extruded products, and good coffee.

The theme was a good example of how we have to collaboration across sectors to succeed with sustainable food systems.

Climate friendly super crops

Quinoa Quality looks into the future, developing new crops, which may contribute to the mitigation of climate changes, secure high quality food, develop crops for plant based food, and increase our agro-biodiversity and food diversity.​

Such an event is very important in order to inform the consumers about the new opportunities, and to increase the demand for high quality protein crops. Plant based food is the trend of the future.

Daniel Fugl from ChefFugl had made a tasting with danish quinoa which was served at the Quinoa quality stand.

Quinoa falafel tasting made by Absalon

Quinoa desserts tasting made by Abosalon

Several speakers was invited. Rasmus Munk, Chef and co-owner of restaurant Alchemist talked about Holistic Cuisine Sustainability in 360 Degrees. Also Jonas Maltha, General Manager for Simple Feast in the North talked about the journey towards a greener future.


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