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Quinoa Quality on field tour in Europe June 2021

Foto: Sven-Erik Jacobsen. Quinoa Vikinga field in Holland June 2021

The purpose for the Quinoa Quality tour

Sven-Erik Jacobsen had almost cancelled his summer field tour because of Covid-19. But he really felt that he had to go out to see the fields and talk to the farmers. The aim was simple. Because for him it is very important to visit farmers and partners around the world. It is important for Quinoa Quality to see the farmers and partners in real, to talk to them, see their fields and discuss problems and new possibilities. And of course, also discuss the market that they are producing to.

Visiting several countries

From Denmark to Germany, to the North of France and back through Belgium and Holland. Sven-Erik visited 20 partners in a trip of 10 days. He had a great trip and it was a pleasure to visit the farmers and see their fields.

Sven-Erik predicts a good year despite to cold and rainy start.

This year has been a cold and wet spring, so many of the fields are late in their development. Luckily the fields seem to catch up now and with better weather and warmer temperatures. So it starts to look good around Europe.

The situation at the various farms are very different, but Sven-Erik is convinced that it will be a good year after all. Not a top year, but a good year with fair results.

Sven-Erik’s inspiration for the tour is a greener earth and good customer service.

The inspiration for the tour is that we must eat more plant-based food. For doing that we need the farmers to grow it and get high-quality products. Quinoa Quality deliver the quinoa seeds for the farmers and are discussing markets to help the farmers to the next step towards reaching the consumers.

Sven-Erik Jacobsen tells about his field tour


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