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Organic and plant-based lunch in the Tivoligarden

Plantbased lunch in Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark
Plantbased lunch in Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark

Foto: Jens Panduro

All links in the chain from peasant to table were gathered when the Tivoli restaurant Gemyse formed the framework for a conference on the potential of plant proteins. The lunch event was organized by the Organic National Association (ØL) and the Restaurant Gemyse in Tivoli, Copenhagen, where the potential for local production of organic legumes was on the agenda.

The interest in participating was great, but due to corona restrictions, there was only room for 35 participants. They represented producers, processors, wholesalers, and the foodservice industry, so all relevant industries sat at the tables where plant-based delights were served between the presentations.

It was a great success, with the tastiest dishes you can imagine. Nobody was missing the meat, instead, all were enjoying the healthy and well tasty plant-based dishes, which were brought in one after the other, and one better than the other.

This event demonstrated the way ahead for plant-based dishes at the high gourmet level, but also for the normal consumer. Great success!

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