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Newsletter November 2022

Future climate and inflation

Quinoa Quality is located in Denmark, and here we just had elections for our parlament, called Folketinget. Last election was a pure climate election, and also this time the climate was one of the major issues, together with the war in Europe, the energy crisis and the inflation. Somehow all are connected, as climate is affected negatively by the war and the lack of energy, and the inflation makes everything more expensive. Therefore, if we as consumers want to save money on the daily food shopping, the best advice is to cut out the beef and replace it with a plant burger. An economic and delicious solution.

For this purpose we are getting ready to offer you the best seed for sowing of the best varieties of our new ingredients in the plant based kitchen, that is lentil, chickpea, quinoa, amaranth, chia, millets etc.

Please contact us for an offer, or a recommendation. We are here to help you making the right choices. All the best, Sven-Erik

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