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Quinoa Newsletter no. 4 November 2020

Sven-Erik Jacobsen, CEO Quinoa Quality
Sven-Erik Jacobsen, CEO Quinoa Quality

Quinoa Quality (QQ) is happy to present the new newsletter, as always with information of interest for the producers and the market of quinoa and other high-value crops in Europe. The newsletter is sent to all the clients of QQ, and others are more than welcome to subscribe to it. We have mentioned that the previous winter and spring of 2020 we had heavy rains and floodings in our fields, followed by low temperatures, and in the north frost in April, where sowing was planned. Quinoa was often sown relatively late, but in many locations, the weather was good with both rain through June and July, and high temperatures with the sun. August was dry and warm, giving good harvest conditions.

Please do not forget that Quinoa Quality recommends diversifying your agriculture as much as possible, with many crops in the cropping systems. QQ is now offering a range of crops as new options for European farmers. Your comments and questions on cultivation, market aspects, and anything else, are always welcome, please contact us at

With the very best regards, Sven-Erik Jacobsen

Getting ready for the 2021 season!

We have on storage from January 2021 quinoa and other crops, covered by Quinoa Quality. QQ has specialized in high-quality protein crops, and crops for improving the biodiversity of plants, insects, and bees.

Please check our webpage for news, and place your quinoa seeds order better before than later.

Read the whole newsletter here

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