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Newsletter March 2022

The spring is already here, and soon it is time for sowing.

We have several news this year, such as millets, both foxtail yellow and red, and a common millet. We also have white seeded quinoa, sorghum and chia. Do not hesitate to order, as we have only relatively small amounts available now.


Another news is our focus on intercropping, especially lentils. Lentils benefits from intercropping, for instance with our camelina cv. Alma. (see video in the newsletter by clicking on the link below)

Camelina Oil

Camelina, which has been utilized from ancient time in Europe, has experienced a revival, with increasing interest based on 25 years of breeding work.

Now new material has been developed which are growing well in Europe, with few if any diseases and pests, and little fertilizer requirement. The crop variety is competitive against weeds.

And now the delicious and healthy oil has been produced in Denmark! See the video interview with the farmer in the newsletter.

Read the full newsletter here


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