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Newsletter december 2021

It is our pleasure to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year, with the best results in the field with the new protein crops, you will sow in order to satisfy the demand for these locally produced products.

We believe that the market for these crops will be huge, as the trend is clear: Less meat is good for environment, soils, climate and health. Future is plant based protein.

Now it is time to order seed for the coming 2022 season.

We have developed our new catalogue, where you can see the crops we are offering, and some of the varieties. You find the catalogue here


We have again in 2022 new crops to offer. We are proud to present proso millet and foxtail millet. They are small seeded cereals, with an attractive composition of nutrients, including micronutrients. Market for these crops is increasing, especially for locally grown crops. Proso millet has a higher yield potential than foxtail millet, but the latter is earlier maturing.

QQ has just initiated a new project in order to promote the highly nutritious quinoa, tolerant to drought and soil salinity, to African farmers and consumers. We will be working among 200 women farmers in Malawi, that is to establish quinoa as a new crop, look for processing facilities, and study the market, both the local, domestic and international markets. We have had several meetings with interested parties in Malawi, so we believe that quinoa can become a new food product and a potential income for farmers in the country.

Watch the video from Malawi int the newsletter


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