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Quinoa Newsletter no. 6 June 2021

It's summertime!

Quinoa "meatballs" with fresh salad
quinoa "meatballs" with fresh salad

Summer greetings from the Quinoa Quality team!

Spring 2021 has in large parts of Europe been quite cold and rainy in April, and first now late May we see increasing temperatures and some sun. Therefore sowing and emergence have been late this year.

From now and the next couple of months, Sven-Erik is traveling around the world to visit partners. We hope that Covid-19 allows us to visit as many of you as possible.

The new product catalog for 2021 is now available with a lot of new crops. Download the catalog from our webpage: Quinoa Seeds

In June newsletter:

  • Lentil is a crop for the future, with an almost guaranteed market!

  • Diseases and pests

  • Danish protein project

  • A green future

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