• Sven-Erik Jacobsen

Get tips for sowing of quinoa and other crops from Sven-Erik Jacobsen

Plant establishment most important part of the production as a small seeded crop, quinoa must be sown with seed of highest, certified quality, in max. 2,5 cm, in a humid, clean seedbed. This will secure an optimal, uniform emergence, and best competition with weeds.

Quinoa and many of the other crops require a perfect, uniform seed bed, and a shallow sowing of the small seeds. Quinoa can be sown as soon as the soil is possible to prepare, whereas other species should be sown later, such as chickpea, amaranth and buckwheat.

The main problem for these crops is an optimal establishment in order to be able to compete with the weeds. Weeds must be held on a minimum in the first growth phase, otherwise it will be very difficult later in the season.

Watch video about sowing and get tips for sowing from Sven-Erik Jacobsen (founder of QQ) here