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Danish produced camelina oil

Our new cultivar of camelina (Camelina sativa), an oil crop with an extremely high quality oil, grows well in many parts of Europe, from Sweden and Denmark to Italy and Spain. 100ml.

What is camelina?

It is an old Danish crop that has so far been forgotten. Completely unfair, as the possibilities in the plant are interesting.

Especially in an ecological context, as it is less attacked by rapeseed fleas and mica guns, and is less nitrogen-demanding than rapeseed.

Grows well in Denmark and the rest of Europe

Camelina, an oil crop with high quality oil, grows well in Denmark. Camelina, which has been utilized from ancient time in Denmark, has experienced a revival, with increasing interest in the crop based on 25 years of breeding work. Now new material has been developed which are growing well in Europe, with few if any diseases and pests, and little fertilizer requirement. The crop variety is competitive against weeds.

Small but full of tasty healthy oil

Camelina seeds contain between 36% and 47% oil. It can grow on a wide range of soil types, and is responsive to fertilizer applications similar to mustard. The pear-like seed pods are six to 14 mm long, holding eight to 10 yellow or brownish-yellow seeds. The seeds are small, pale yellow-brown, oblong and rough, with a ridged surface.

See full specification and cultivation instruction of Camelina here

This video is an interview with the farmer of the danish camelina field.

Camelina has good properties.

Both oil and seeds are loaded with important nutrients and have a wonderful taste, making them suitable for cooking and in various foods like salads and pies. Thanks to its moisturizing properties and high concentration of vitamin E, Camelina is suitable for use in everything from skin and hair care to nutritious animal feed.

Camelina oli is used as a cooking and salad oil.

There is growing interest in camelina as cooking oil, especially for deep frying. It has the highest smoke point of 246°C which is much higher than other oils. The oil has an amazing shelf life of about 18 months and even up to 24 months. So, it really goes for a long time. Camelina oil can be used as cooking oil, in salad dressings, and in spreads and margarines. Camelina is a short-season crop with good tolerance and pod-shattering resistance characteristics, making it a viable oilseed crop.

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