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Quinoa Newsletter no. 5 March 2021

A range of new products!

Sven-Erik Jacobsen in quinoa field
Sven-Erik Jacobsen in quinoa field

I hope you have ordered your quinoa seeds for sowing in 2021, and among them have several of the crops for the future plant-based kitchen. QQ promotes protein crops, which are highly nutritious, delicious alternatives to meat. Meat is on the blacklist, when we talk climate, as both the animals in themselves and the fodder for them are responsible for huge emissions of CO2, and occupying land which otherwise could be used for food crops. Our mission is to grow more food and less feed. QQ was established as a quinoa company, offering quinoa varieties adapted to European agriculture, and earlier maturing. Now we are offering a whole range of crops, including legumes (faba bean, pea, lentil, chickpea), in addition to amaranth and buckwheat, and other crops.

We also have been thinking of our surrounding of bees and insects, and recommend sowing the best flower mix on the market.

If you still have not ordered seed for the coming season, do not hesitate, to contact us immediately for an order. After receiving your order, we shall immediately issue an order confirmation listing the content and value of your order. Within a few days after receiving your payment the goods will be shipped directly to your address.

All the best from the spring in Denmark, Sven-Erik

New products for 2021

QQ can for this season offer a range of new products:

Legumes: Pea and faba bean in addition to lentils and chickpea, both conventional and organic

Flowermix: Attracting bees, insects, improving soil fertility, and looking beautiful.

Kale: a great kale cv. for consumption and for game cover

Read the whole newsletter here


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