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New product catalogue for 2023/24

QQ has now become certified for supplying organic products. This is a big step forward, and it will mean that we will gradually increase our proportion of organic seed for the farmers.

2023QQ nyt katalog.png

Welcome to Quinoa Quality

Quinoa Quality was founded and is run by agronomist Sven-Erik Jacobsen. Quinoa Quality sells protein-rich seed developed for European conditions. We are happy to guide and advise all our customers and interested parties. Sustainability is a natural part of our vision and one of the reasons why Sven-Erik founded Quinoa Quality.

We supervise farmers and supply them with high quality seeds 

About Quinoa Quality 

  • We have developed well-tested seed for over 25 years.

  • Our founder Sven-Erik Jacobsen has bred, selected and developed Quinoa to European conditions. He did it by changing the sensitivity of the plant to the length of the day so that our new varieties not dependent on the short days. It took 20 years to develop the varieties, but now we have them and can offer them to farmers around Europe and outside.

  • We sells seed for all protein crops.

  • The farmer receives guidance to succeedwith cultivation and harvesting, and suggestions on how to sell the production on the market.

  • We see ourselves to be in the center of the transition of our food habits, from meat- to plant-based meals, always delicious, nutritious and climate friendly

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