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Danish scientists turn to ancient crops to save planet

At the University of Copenhagen, scientists have developed an experimental project called Protein2Food with the mission to replace meat with protein-rich crops.

CEO of Quinoa Quality, Sven-Erik Jacobsen
CEO of Quinoa Quality, Sven-Erik Jacobsen

Researcher Sven-Erik Jacobsen thinks that the future of food might be found in our ancient past.

In an interview with Science Nordic, Jacobsen said that old varieties of crops could potentially revolutionize our diet and help provide solutions to climate change and a limited global food supply. 

At the heart of his plan is reducing meat consumption and replacing it with vegetable protein. 

“Meat production in the world right now is unsustainable because the process produces too much methane and CO2, yields too little in relation to the amount of energy it takes to produce one kilogramme of meat, and large areas of cultivation are used to produce animal feed instead of producing food for us," Jacobsen told Science Nordic. 

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