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Danish Protein meeting

Danish Protein meeting

QQ participates in a range of collaborative projects in order to improve knowledge about the production, post-harvest and market of quinoa and other protein crops. The new crops are often more difficult to manage than the major, well-known crops.

There are increased requirements for an optimal seed bed, weed control is more complicated, there are more diseases and pests, processing is specific and difficult, and the market is not developed. One of the projects is called Danish protein crops for the future kitchen, with participants among Research and Education institutions, food service, canteens, restaurants, and individual chefs.

In late August 2021 we had our first physical meeting after the corona close-down, so it was a great pleasure to meet the partners. Two students, Camilla and Hivi, and their teacher Sandra, had created some wonderful dishes, together with the chef Daniel Fugl. The recipes will be uploaded.


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