Company Profile

Sven-Erik Jacobsen, Quinoa Quality

As the company name indicates, the main crop which is the focus is quinoa, which is regarded as a high quality crop. Other similar nutritive crops are being taken up to fit into the company.
Quinoa has been bred and selected by Sven-Erik Jacobsen for almost 20 years, based on mainly Chilean and Peruvian material, before new varieties could be registered. Those were early maturing, high yielding and stable Titicaca, with rather large seed, and a later maturing Puno with smaller, white seeds. Later was released a low saponin variety, Vikinga.
The vision of the company is to expand the growing of high value crops, in order to increase our diversity of crops and food, and in that way to become more climate proof. The crops have a valuable protein composition, either with a high content or a high quality, being able to replace some of the meat consumption with vegetable protein. Also some of the imported soybean will be replaced with locally produced protein.