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Biography – Sven-Erik Jacobsen

June 2019
Sven-Erik Jacobsen (SEJ) is director and owner of the company Quinoa Quality for the promotion of quinoa and other high value, alternative crops for enhancing biodiversity, soil fertility and food security in developing countries, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
He has a MSc in Agronomy in 1982 from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, and a Phd in Crop Science, 1993, at University of Copenhagen.
SEJ has 25 years of employment at the University of Copenhagen, where he was leading the Research group on Tropical Crops, covering subjects as stress physiology, agroecology and agrobiodiversity, focusing on developing countries of Africa and elsewhere. The research group managed projects, related to underutilized crops, focusing on food security under stressed, water scarce conditions, affected by climate changes. Teaching took place in tropical crop production on BSc and MSc level, in addition to several PhD